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In preparing this book, the authors seek to preserve some of the important facts that are forgotten and which will quickly disappear from the freemasonry received and received in Tennessee, and are specifically dedicated to the Master's house no. 244, F. & AM Knoxville, Tennessee.

Two of Knoxville's main figures were James Grant, director and George Camp Bels, deputy director, representing Tennessee Lodge. 2 North Carolina when the Charter was awarded. Tennessee Lodge 2 has never been represented in the Grand Lodge after the first quarter notice. This hut did not try to get a new charter in Tennessee and ignored all the announcements. You can check our partner here :

The first Grand Lodge, as we know it today, was founded in London, England, on June 24, 1717, in the Goose Grid pub. In 1738, many brothers were separated from the Great House of England. and took the name of the ancient York masons.

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The old bricklayers from Yorska stood up in England, and most of them in England and the great American provincial house in the eighteenth century received mandates from the Old Rita York Great Mason House.


In 1813, there was a link between two large houses named Grand Grand Lodge, the old bricklayer association in England. In 1817, a similar and final rapprochement took place in America. The regrouping of all the great United States has been attempted several times without success.

Tennessee First Champion Nr. 2 was John Sevier, one of Tennessee's most outstanding figures. Brother Sevier was Governor of Franklin State and was the first Governor of Tennessee.

And after ?

It is interesting to note that the first masonry of the first day of the Free Wall in the state of Tennessee and the establishment of a great accommodation in the state of Tennessee was under the jurisdiction of North Carolina's Great House. known as the North Carolina and Tennessee Grand Lodge; with the exception that next to Nashville, and maybe some others, ordered the Grand Lodge of Kentucky.


The first Tennessee Lodge rented by the Grand North Carolina House was Sv. Tammany Cottage in Nashville. This house was later known as Harmony Lodge Number 1. It was first registered in 29 North Carolina, but after the Tennessee Grand Lodge was established, Tennessee won first place. Many of Tennessee leaders, including ANDREW JACKSON, who were members of this summer house, belonged to this summer house. This room, first, only worked for a short time and ended before Tennessee's Great House. Nashville Lodge Nr. 1 was canceled on December 9, 1809.


Tennessee Lodge number 2 is from Knoxville and was originally transferred to the 41st North Lodge in North Carolina. Later, it became known as the Tennessee House Number 2. This chalet was organized with the exception of the Great House of North Carolina on January 15, 1800 with the number N.C. 41.


It is interesting to note that the first Lodge meeting took place in the Taverna Love's / Chisholm meeting room at the corner of Front Street and Arch Street (later State Street), next to Blount Mansion Garden. street City of Knoxville. ANDREW JACKSON was present at Tennessee Lodge No. 2 as a visitor on March 24, 1800 Harmony Lodge No. 1 in Nashville, but Tennessee Lodge still worked on the exception received on January 15, 1800 and was ordered in November. 30, 1800. At that time, Knoxville was the largest city in Tennessee, the country was founded just a few years before this pavilion came into existence. The population of Knoxville was about 200 people.

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